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How Foreclosure Affects Credit

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For centuries, our property and our homes are the manifestations of our hard work, our successes, and our investments. After all, it was the definition of the American Dream to own a home. In today's uncertain economy, however, the face of the American Dream has changed. Just because the American Dream changed does not mean your credit score and financial standing has to change also.

Facing foreclosure and its potential consequences can be tough for anyone. Defaulting on mortgage can have emotional damage on you and your family. Carrying through with a short sale or the foreclosure process could take up to years to finalize, and the emotional weight could be burdensome. With the help of an attorney, all of these things can be done smoothly. Or, with the right legal representation best suited for your situation, you can rest assured that all processes will be handled professionally, your assets will be protected, your family will be thought after, and realistic goals will be implemented in efforts to help you save your home and maintain a stable family life.

Your financial life is not over. In fact, with the right legal representation and by taking careful preventative steps through your foreclosure, you may be able to shed financial burdens with minimal consequences. There is calm after the storm, and an Orlando foreclosure attorney at Perez Conrique Law can help lead you to it.

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Weighing Options Against Potential Effects on Your Credit Score

Our attorneys at Perez Conrique Law understand that the foreclosure process can be daunting, stressful, or scary. As a result, we take a unique approach when designing the best possible strategies for our clients. Based on their specific situation and goals, we give personalized legal counsel that takes into consideration how any course of legal action will affect the credit score and the future financial security of our clients, their families, and their property. Here are some ways foreclosure could affect your credit:

  • Continuous late payments could impact your credit score
  • FICO estimates that a foreclosure could drop a credit score anywhere from 175 - 300 points
  • Foreclosures can remain on a credit report for up to 10 years
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure or short sales can have minimal to no effects on credit

We know how scary it is to have your quality of life be threatened, or risk being taken away. Consulting the experienced attorneys at Perez Conrique Law can help you deal with your mortgage debts, and help you navigate through the foreclosure process!

Achieve Financial Happiness with an Orlando Foreclosure Defense Attorney

While foreclosures will always have some sort of consequence, some may benefit greatly by allowing a property to foreclose, or some may save their years of investment by fighting against foreclosure claims. By seeking professional help, the above affects could be minimized, or even avoided. In any circumstance, your right to financial success and freedom cannot be cheapened.

We can help you step away from the burdens of debt and get you back on your feet. Consult an Orlando foreclosure defense lawyer who can help you find financial freedom once again. We have more than 20 years of combined legal experience, consider every alternative, and always design specific financial plans to reach the best possible outcome for our clients. Contact our firm or fill out a free case evaluation form.

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