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Relocation Assistance in Orlando

Foreclosure and Relocation - Orlando Foreclosure Lawyer

If you have lost your home to a foreclosure, or you are a tenant in a home which has been lost in foreclosure, you face the reality of having to vacate the property and find a new place to live. As the vacating homeowner, it is almost impossible to be able to afford the expenses of moving, a security deposit, first and last month's rent, and other costs.

You've already been forced to leave your home because of financial hardship. If you are a tenant of the foreclosed-upon homeowner, it is just as much of a hardship to have to find a new place to live. A little known fact is that most lenders or prevailing parties in a foreclosure lawsuit may provide relocation assistance in the form of cash to those having to vacate their property. In our practice at the Orlando law firm of Perez Conrique Law, we have assisted many individuals negotiate what is known as "cash for keys" relocation assistance funds from the new owner of the home.

Cash for Keys in Orlando

Lenders or HOAs, whoever may be the new owner of a foreclosed upon home or condominium, are eager to take control of their property and begin to realize a profit with it. The bank wants to put it on the market as soon as possible to regain their funds, and an HOA or a new owner who obtained the home at public sale, are equally as eager to take possession of their property. Cash for keys allows the new owner to take possession quickly and with less acrimony or conflict. The incentive of relocation assistance always makes it easier to uproot and find a new place to live. There is no law that requires relocation assistance, and there is no guarantee that a new owner will be able to offer financial incentive to vacate the property. However, when negotiated properly with the skill of an experienced foreclosure defense attorney, it is far more likely to be offered.

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