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Short Sales

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Instead of foreclosing on a home, which can be a lengthy and expensive process in the state of Florida, some lenders and homeowners choose to go the route of short sales instead. A short sale refers to an agreement made between a homeowner and a lender to sell the home for less than what is owed on the balance due of a mortgage. For lenders and banks, short sales allow loans to be cleared up front, and possession of property is transferred much quicker.

If a homeowner can no longer afford a home or if a homeowner has underwater mortgage, short sales can be the ideal answer for those in financial hardships. Mortgage debt can be shed faster, and with less damaging hits on credit scores. If short sales are so beneficial to both lenders and borrowers, why are they not happening more frequently? The answer is simple: without legal representation from an Orlando foreclosure lawyer, short sales can become extremely complicated and convoluted.

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Short sales can be a great solution for some, but depending on your financial standing or situation, a short sale could have very real consequences. Short sales involve negotiations between three parties - the bank, the lender, and a buyer - who must settle over what price the home or property will sell for.

Essentially, the bank, buyer, and lender must decide how much of a loss the homeowner and bank will take. If the lender does not agree to the selling price, or if the bank considers the sale price to be too low, short sales negotiations could take months or even years. In such a complicated negotiation process, potential buyers of the home could simply walk away due to the lack of a unanimous decision.

It becomes challenging for homeowners to accept short sales offers as well, especially since homeowners typically owe more money than the home is valued for. In such a situation, banks or lenders may ask homeowners for a certain cash amount to be produced at the time of closing, also known as a "seller contribution." For those in especially troubled financial standings, this may not be possible. Without legal representation, negotiations may never be met, or you may risk having to surrender your liquid assets for your home.

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At Perez Conrique Law, we assess every single case thoroughly. We will never give our client's legal advice or counsel that may steer them in the wrong direction, or cause future financial stress. We understand that certain aspects of your foreclosure defense mixes business matters with your personal life, which may evoke uncomfortable and confusing emotions. That is why comprehensive legal advice with a sensitive and compassionate approach is needed when addressing our client's specific goals.

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Attorney Elayne M. Perez began her own practice with a mission to provide effective legal counsel to help people dealing with the legal issues surrounding a foreclosure, but also balance the personal issues that may be affected by a foreclosure. Life still must go on even during a foreclosure, and the attorneys at Perez Conrique Law wish to help you get back on the road to financial recovery as soon as possible. Our foreclosure defense attorneys have more than 20 years of combined experience, and wish to utilize the knowledge we have gained to formulate a unique plan that is in your best interest, protect your assets, and ultimately, allow your voice as an American homeowner to be heard. Discuss your options with us today. Contact Perez Conrique Law or fill out a free case evaluation form.

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