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Real Estate & Title Experience

Foreclosure defense cases are extremely complex and demand a highly skilled legal team. Foreclosure processes deal with housing values, market trends, and even transfers of deeds and titles to homes. With nuanced, complicated issues such as these, why would you hire a lawyer who only handles general cases? The foreclosure process could end up costing you more if performed improperly by an inexperienced attorney.

So, why hire a lawyer with real estate and title experience? With something as important as a home, you need experience on your side. You need someone who understands constantly shifting market trends. You need someone who can defend you after the real estate market collapse. You need someone who can ensure that titles and title claims were truthfully and lawfully completed. Attorney Elayne M. Perez has a background in title work and real estate that can give you unique insight into the foreclosure defense process and an advantage as you fight to keep your home.

Banks must take the proper steps to have the legal right to foreclose on a home. If a bank failed to proceed with a foreclosure lawfully, we can litigate claims of lender defalcations or broker errors, and have your case proven in court. Don't go through this process alone. Do not suffer in debt due to the fraudulent practices of unethical brokers or lenders. There are defenses available to you that only an Orlando foreclosure defense attorney who is experienced in real estate and title work can utilize for your benefit. Should you trust in an attorney who cannot give you such personalized care, or may simply be uneducated, this inexperience could directly impact your home and family.

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Our attorneys at Perez Conrique Law are committed to working hard for clients because we care. We offer personal service and listen to our clients, rather than prescribing a one-size-fits-all solution to their foreclosure matters. We understand that every case is unique, which is why we design specific goals and strategies that can help our clients reach their ultimate goals and resolutions. It is this level of service that gives our clients satisfaction and comfort.

If you are facing a foreclosure, you are most likely searching for someone who can help you save your home. We are experienced and ready to handle every aspect of real estate legal practices, from basic short sales negotiations to deed in lieu of foreclosure, and even giving legal counsel on foreclosure alternatives or mortgage negotiations. With more than 20 years of combined experience, we are confident that you will appreciate that our law firm that can give you both real estate advice and legal protection.

We are a boutique firm, so you can expect personal service from your first contact with Perez Conrique Law to the final outcome of your case. Our mission is to provide compassionate legal counsel, critical thinking solutions, and problem-solving strategies that can ultimately help you and your family attain the most successful resolution.

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Homeowner Advocates at Perez Conrique Law

Attorney Elayne M. Perez began her practice with the belief that she could provide more effective legal counsel for Orlando homeowners dealing with a variety of legal issues in financially distressing times. She has dedicated her practice to consumer bankruptcy, debt negotiation, and foreclosure defense matters. It is her experience in real estate and title work that makes her uniquely qualified to handle your short sale, foreclosure, or bankruptcy case.

When you have this much on the line, you need an advocate for your homeowner's rights in your corner - someone who has proven that these types of claims demands experience, compassion, and a range of skills that general lawyers typically don't have. Don't bet your financial future on an inexperienced attorney or fall victim to predatory lenders. Retain Perez Conrique Law's tough negotiation skills, personal touch, and excellent legal counsel, which are absolutely necessary in these types of sensitive cases. Contact an Orlando foreclosure defense lawyer today!

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